Lichtenauer - Talhoffer longsword (c 1420 - c 1490)

My aim was to make a sword as close to the early Lichtenauer tradicion, as possible.
I used the manuscipt Danzig and museal Oakeshott XVa swords from 14. century.

Sceme for the sword with precise propotions

Peter von Danzig /1452/ (MS 1449 manuscrip)
Johannes Liechtenauer

Lichtenauer - Talhoffer reproduction

Blade: 92 cm - blunt with rounded tip
Width of the blade at the crossbar: 48 mm
Crossbar: 24 cm - custom cylindrical
Handle: 25,5 cm (including pommel!) -
divided, slightly rectangular covered by black plain-leather
Pommel: standard 8-sided
Weight: around 1425 gramm (+/-20 gramm)
PoB: around 7 cm far from the crossbar (+/-1,5 cm)

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