Two-handed training tools

Two-handed training tool (No.2)

Blade: 118 cm - back folded tip
Width of the blade at the crossbar: 44 mm
Crossbar: 45 cm - custom
Handle: 45 cm (including pommel!) - covered by black cord
Pommel: flatted-round
Weight: around 2730 gramms
PoB: around 8,5 cm (from the cross!)

Regenyei Two-handed training tool Regenyei Two-handed training tool


Two-handed training tool (No.1)

The blade is resilient and blunt
Weight: 2.6-2.8 kg
Length of the blade: 110 cm
Length of the handle: 42 cm
Length of the crossbar: 45 cm
Point of balance: approximately 10 cm far from the crossbar


Regenyei Two-handed sword training tool Regenyei Two-handed sword training tool